[MS Word 2003/2007] [MS Word 2010/2013/2016/2019]

The following Microsoft Word 2003 or Microsoft Word 2007 template files are available to download.

How to use these templates:

Right click on the template thumbnail you want to use and select Save Target As...
Save the template to a folder on your hard disk drive

When the template has finished to save to your hard disk drive, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to browse to the file or open Microsoft Word and open the file from within Word (With the File>Open menu option).

Complete the first block of the label with your desired content.
Select the content of the first block and use the Copy and Paste technique to copy the content to the rest of the blocks on the page. The following menu options will assist with this process: Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste.

Optional: To add the downloaded templates to Microsoft Word's template list, open Microsoft Word.
Open the Tools > Templates and Add-ins menu.
Use the Add and Remove buttons to add or remove templates to or from the Global template list.

Tip for Office 2007 users:
View the gridlines by enabling the option on the Layout ribbon.


Special sizes by request - subject to minimum quantity.

Please inform us if a template is not working properly.

Disclaimer: These labels are available to download to assist with the printing on the Auto Label range of labels. The available templates are thoroughly tested for viruses, but we still recommend that you always run a reliable and up-to-date virus-checker on ANY new software or documents before installing or using it.

While every care is taken in the selection and testing of the templates, Auto Labels can accept no responsibility for disruption and/or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur while using these documents.

You are strongly advised to have up-to-date, verified backups of all important files before installing ANY new software.



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